ZADENU is proud to be in a relationship with the Zimbabwean-based company Educate, founded on the deep desire to assist Zimbabwe nationals in pursuing an education and tertiary training in the country, in Africa, as well as other countries abroad. They are in partnership with various educational institutions across the globe, and achieve their goal through the use of career counselling and financial assistance in the form of affordable loans. In short, Educate is a company that strives to make the dreams of Zimbabwean students come true. If you are a Zimbabwean national wishing to study at the Zimbabwe Academy of Dental Nursing (ZADENU) and wishes to secure a study loan, we strongly advise that you apply for one through Educate. ZADENU will be happy to facilitate your application, though the primary contractual agreement will be between you the applicant or your guardian and Educate.

Educate DSA Plan:

  • No account opening required
  • No physical asset required as collateral
  • Repayment of loan over 11 monthly installments
  • Study fees are paid directly to ZADENU on your behalf
  • Loan covers tuition, accommodation, cost of books and any levies
  • Response on application within 12hrs of submission of all relevant documents.


    To be considered for this plan you will need to supply the following:
  • Acceptance or proof of enrolment with ZADENU
  • Proof of costs (Programme fees invoice)
  • Surety-in the form of a guarantor
  • Proof of residence of Student, Applicant and Surety
  • Identity document of Student, Applicant and Surety
  • One passport sized photo of applicant and student.
  • Proof of income (bank statements, payslip, mobile money statements, foreign remittance notes, or other traceable income etc).

Terms and Conditions apply:

Educate reserves the rights to call upon additional documents at its discretion.
Please contact Educate for all enquiries and applications:

Bulawayo Office:
Shop 7, Ascot Shopping Center Minerton Drive
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 (9) 250 797
Whatsapp: +263 71 826 7552/3

Harare Office:
24 Van Praagh Avenue Milton Park
Harare Zimbabwe
Tel: +263 (9) 250 797
Whatsapp: +263 71 826 7552/3

About Educate

We are passionate about providing information for better career choices and access to finances to facilitate education. We appreciate the impact of acquiring knowledge and the difference that can be made when one’s education is applied to the full. That is our goal at Educate. To fund your future so that YOU can be what you were born to be.

Who we are:

Educate is a specialist education finance provider in Zimbabwe. The core goal of Educate is providing financial access to facilitate education. We focus on partnering with education institutions that offer both theoretical and practical based learning, work based attachments and degrees that will improve the employment opportunities or business start-up ability of the Zimbabwean students that graduate from these institutions.