Dental Surgery Assistant Certification | Testimonials
Testimonial messages after the inaugural DSA Seminar on 2nd Dec, 2017 Cresta Jameson Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe

Good day I thank you Dr and Mrs. Moyana for organizing this day I did learn a lot it’s a day always to remember
You can say that again!!! Amen.
That's true we had a wonderful time thank u Dr Moyana and Mrs. Moyana and everyone who prepared for this day may the good Lord bless u indeed.
Handina kumboziva kuti pane mumwe munhu anokoshesa basa rangu, it’s a good feeling, thank you Doc. It was Waaaaal
True thank you so much Doc and Mrs. Moyana tadzidza zvakawanda. Thank you ndakutoda kuitawo the 1yr Diploma but fr 2019 ndasaver funds
Sometimes it’s really hard for a dental assistant to be taken seriously. Today really felt I was with my own people.
Thank you Dr and Mrs Moyana for such an inspirational, motivating seminar. May God bless you and keep you for our sake and the generations to come. Thank you.
Thank you Dr and Mrs. Moyana for the wonderful day which was full of encouraging and rich lessons. You are indeed our God given leaders. God bless you now and forever.
Great work Dr and Mrs. Moyana and entire team. ..well done.
An exceptional event. Thank you Dr and Mrs Moyana.
Thank you Dr and Mrs Moyana for this great day. The seminar was very inspiring.
Thank you for organizing one-day seminar for the DSAs. It was great. I thank you Dr and Mrs. Moyana.
Thank you Dr &Mrs. Moyana. It was an awesome & motivational seminar.
The issue of not being properly recognized was real. After attaining training as a DSA one was never truly sure of a way to proceed academically. Thank you Doctor for your efforts in helping to make our profession recognized.
We thank you Dr Moyana and team for uplifting us, the seminar was very educative. Yes, we already feel like professionals.
Thank you Doc Moyana and team it was very educative
I have been places and I have attended other seminars but todays were awesome, motivating and inspiring. Thank you Doc and your team. I am already picking up my fallen feathers build up my wings again and be the eagle that flies the highest.
And please do take us even further, we surely feel the joy of seeing everything from above and of course because of the wings we didn't know we had. All thanks to you. May The Good Lord bless you.
Thank you Dr Moyana, Mrs. Moyana and team for your effort and hard work in bringing our career to the next level. That was a good start for us and we believe that in your hands, we will learn more and more.
Thank you. Dr and Mrs. Moyana for such a wonderful day, you made us proud be blessed and we thank God for giving such wisdom.
Thank you Dr and Mrs. Moyana. the whole Team for this Memorable Event; Well organized very Educative; Inspiring ..May the Good Lord Bless you all
Thank you. Dr Moyana we had a wonderful experience and we are going to try our best to implement everything we have learnt in the surgery. We will try to have a positive attitude to our patients too and always be welcoming and give them the best service.
A big thank you to you Doc and Mrs for the great ideal will always remember how special you made me feel
Truly inspiring and very educative, I enjoyed every moment and I learnt a lot today. Thank you Dr and Mrs. Moyana and the rest of the team, a job well done.

A very enlightening, inspiring workshop. Truly grateful for all you doing for us Dr and Mrs. Moyana
Thanks for the seminar just arrived in Mutare
Totenda Jehovah
Thank you Dr Moyana and Mrs. Moyana and the organizing team for making the seminar successful: indeed, it was so motivating and educational, may you keep the fire burning till our profession is recognized, thank you once again, god bless you
If the whole world has people like Dr and Mrs. Moyana, who are appreciative to the importance of everyone’s work it would be amazing. Thank you so much for the seminar it was educative. I learnt much more than i thought i knew.
I am out of words team siyabonga lokhujabula You made us proud keep the ball rolling
Good day. A big thanks to Dr Moyana, Mrs. Moyana and team for a well-planned and very educative seminar. As dental surgery assistants we greatly appreciate the fact that you thought about us and broke the shell for us, we know you are going to lead us to greater heights in improving our competences and professions. With the education you have given us, both our employer and clients will surely rely on us and trust that the job will be well done in capable hands. Thank you. Kind regards